Bad Girls

Vanilla Spanking

Bad Girls, by the liberal feminist writer Joyce Carol Oates (born 1938), was first produced in May 1995 at the Athens Repertory Theater in Georgia, after which it received what was billed as its world premiere at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in July 1996. Since then it has enjoyed a steady if not overwhelming stage history, well deserved because it’s a subtle and sophisticated play, and also likely to be appreciated in these parts because it features a spanking scene.

36-year old divorcee Marietta Murchison lives in Yewville, New York, with her three teenage daughters by two ex-husbands, growing steadily more desperate as middle age creeps toward her. Then ex-marine major Izaak Drumm comes into her life, a perfect gentleman and extremely eligible. Marietta adores and reveres him. The three daughters just resent him, especially the eldest, Isabel.

Isabel, seen above top left as…

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Santa Spanks

She had her arms full of packages when she felt a hand touch her bottom but when she turned round all she could see was Santa Claus Hey was that you she called but he never turned around to look at her At her car there was a note Santa spanks was this real was her sexual fantasy coming true at last with less than a month to go At home she found a note or the entry door from the garage Bedroom please naughty girl She dropped the gifts and went upstairs to find the shower running her husband’s clothes on the bed I will be out for awhile lover He quickly put on his clothes and left after patting her bum as they kissed Then she was all alone again She straightened the room and noticed a Spencer paddle under the mattress like the one in the adult video she rubbed it on her dress and imagined how it must feel after being bent over the foot of their bed Out of the corner of her eye she saw Santa Claus in the doorway and took up the proper position to be punished She then noticed he was enjoying this submission to his discipline as much as she was My love he spoke is this your first spanking No Sir I was punished many times as a child by my father into my teens but that stopped once I left for university And your boy friend did be spank you too Sometimes when I  was late for a date he would take me over his lap for a few good hard smacks What happened to him i married him and had his children And now there all grown and gone He pulled down his beard and  grined The paddle please  Mrs. She handed it to him as she accepted a kiss then pushed her hips back to fulfill her role He placed the implement across his wife’s sweet spot then drew it back Spank me Santa I have been so naughty this year Bad girls get the paddle my dear  Please make it a good one so I can feel it tomorrow Lift up your skirt and hold still my love until I stop The crease of her derriere soon blushed pink then red as she was smacked as hard as she wanted Then she felt his lips touch her Silently she turned round and let him touch her bosom as they kissed Thank you santa for understanding my needs your very welcome my dear wife